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Episode: Let's Do Lunch - 04:00 20 January

In this competition, the morning meal must include tiny eggs and fancy coffee. A strange turn of events in the dinner round finds one of the competitors searching for an ingredient that has vanished from sight.

Episode: Short Order Cooks - 15:00 20 January

Young fourth and fifth grader culinary artists find kid-friendly cotton candy in the first basket. In round 2, the judges are impressed by the three remaining little cooks, who make delicious entrées from pizza dough and a bitter green.

Episode: T.G.I. Fry-Day - 18:00 20 January

It's fry-day and the judges expect deep fried tastiness on every plate. In the first round, competitors work with hot dogs and taro root. During the entrée round, the judges debate whether a repeated mistake warrants elimination.

About the show

Wednesdays from 4 January at 20:00

The fastest cooking show around returns for another brand new series this month on Food Network. Chopped is all about skill, speed and ingenuity, testing the hopeful chefs on their ability to make amazing dishes from the strangest of ingredients. With just 30 minutes to deliver their culinary masterpieces, will the hopefuls make it through to the next round or will they be Chopped? Join host Ted Allen and the judges to find out who will make the cut. 

Presented by: Ted Allen

Ted is a true lover of food and shares his wealth of knowledge about food and wine, through regular features in magazines and on the web. Ted is the host of Chopped.

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