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Episode: Viewers' Choice Ingredients - 04:00 20 January

In this competition, the mystery basket ingredients were suggested by fans on social media. The chefs open the first basket and find a frightfully difficult protein. Mac and cheese returns to the Chopped kitchen in round two.

Episode: No Pain, No Shame - 07:15 20 January

The chefs get a special tool in the basket to help them bust apart a challenging ingredient: a giant jawbreaker. Then a trendy pastry meets a North African stew in the second basket. And rosemary and ginger must be combined in the desserts.

Episode: All-Stars Tournament: Part 3 - 11:20 20 January

Four new All-Stars strut into the kitchen with sights set on the grand finale. They must pair a Spanish meat with an airy cookie, followed by butchering a huge ingredient and taming tiny, sour fruits.

About the show

New contestants face fresh challenges as the highly popular competition series Chopped continues. But while the ingredients change, the stakes remain the same – four chefs

enter the culinary battle, but only one can escape the chopping block to claim the top prize. First up, it’s time to turn up the heat as the cooks confront the daunting task of
using chilli in every round, then things get challenging when former winners from Worst Cooks in America face frog leg appetisers. The competition really gets cracking when young competitors take the floor in a multi-round Chopped Teen Tournament! Who has what it takes to stay in the game, andwho will be Chopped?

Presented by: Ted Allen

Ted is a true lover of food and shares his wealth of knowledge about food and wine, through regular features in magazines and on the web. Ted is the host of Chopped.

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