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Bake with Anna Olson

About the show

Renowned pastry chef Anna Olson knows how to make baked goods seem as easy to make as they are delicious to eat. From classic muffins and country bread to sophisticated soufflés and pies, series three of Anna OlsonBakes guides viewers with simple step-by-step instructions. Anna is an expert at transforming basic ideas and ingredients into something special, building on the fundamentals of baking to create master-level desserts. With wit and humour, Anna makes even gourmet pastries seem attainable for aspiring pâtissiers of all levels. Whether it’s a kitchen staple like pancakes or a base for more exotic desserts like Swiss meringue, Anna Olson will give everyone the confidence to pick up a whisk.

Presented by: Anna Olson

Originally born in Atlanta, Georgia, Anna grew up in Toronto, but made her way back to the U.S. to study culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University and work in Colorado and New Orleans. While initially trained in the world of savoury cooking, Anna is equally recognized for her abilities in the pastry kitchen, having worked as a professional pastry chef since the mid '90's. She is proud to call Niagara home, and has lived and cooked here for over 15 years.

Anna's culinary philosophy is based on a common-sense approach of cooking and baking with the seasons as well as respecting the ingredients, the technique and the process of sharing with others through food. Most of all, cooking and baking should be fun!

Recipes from Bake with Anna Olson

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