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Mystery Diners


Episode: All in the Family - 02:00 21 January

When UJ, owner of the family-run R&O's Restaurant in New Orleans, becomes fed up with the lack of respect he's receiving from his employees, he contacts Charles for help.

Episode: Friends with Benefits - 02:30 21 January

After realising how hard it is to start a new restaurant, the husband and wife owners of N'awlins Cafe, in New Orleans, contact Charles for advice.

Episode: No Laughing Matter - 21:00 22 January

Keith, the owner of Deanie's Seafood in New Orleans, is concerned that his manager is more focused on his amateur comedy career than managing the restaurant. The Mystery Diners step in to investigate.

About the show

Charles Stiles’ team of restaurant investigators are back on the quest to crack the biggest riddles facing owners in Mystery Diners. The group members go undercover to sleuth out steakhouse staffers who are hosting unauthorised parties for younger diners, excluding their older regulars. Then, in Los Angeles, a brewery owner notices discrepancies in his beer supply and is shocked when Charles discovers a large-scale bootlegging operation being run right under his nose! With so many unscrupulous staff members ready to rip off the boss every chance they get, it will take all of Charles’ espionage techniques to get to the bottom of these mystifying restaurant dilemmas. 

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